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Euro Wooden pallets Supplier in Dubai

Euro pallets are made in accordance with the criteria set by the European Pallet Association, and wooden euro pallets were once commonly used on European railroads. The Association also created a new standard chart in 1968 that stipulates that the pallet must have a lattice box in addition to a certain type of lattice box pallet. The Association has defined the design and dimensions as being 47.2*31.5*5.7 inches and a four-way wood pallet fastened with 78 unique nail patterns.

Being a reputable company and the leading provider of Euro pallets in the UAE, we strive to deliver high-quality goods. Silver wood, bubble sheet, and other premium raw materials are used to make our Euro pallets. We are worldwide providers


 International agreements can interchange pallets thanks to the European pallet pool. The program is referred to as pallet for a pallet. Numerous producers and providers of euro pallets in the UAE have joined the market as a result of the Euro pallet’s impact on the pallet business having poor wood quality and failing to meet the precise specifications.

we also provide to European nations. Our products are made to the exact requirements of each client, including being lightweight and having a high tensile strength to handle big loads for an extended period of time. Considering that we are one of the top providers of euro pallets in the UAE, switching to us can benefit your company


Dimensions of the stamped Euro are 1200 x 800 mm.
These are extremely helpful for transporting food of the highest quality.
Heavy strength pallet that can lift one ton.
Pallet with a 4-way entrance and a dimension of 1200 x 800 mm is Class 2 Special Euro.
used in the distribution or storage industries
Heavy duty can also lift one ton.
Class 3 Unstamped Euro Pallet with 4-Way Entry, 1200 x 800 mm.
It is also for distribution and storage.
Pallet with a medium weight lift capacity of 750 kg
a medium-weight pallet that is exclusively used in the UK.



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