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Two deck boards are approaching the edges and stringers of the board in the design of the wing pallet. Wing Pallet is so named because of the way the design of the pallet creates the appearance of wings. Because the boards extend beyond the stringers, it is reversible and the strongest design. The majority of the time, it is utilized to store bulkier items like cement blocks. Although there are many suppliers of double wing pallets in the UAE, Greenwatt General Trading consistently provides high-quality, even recyclable pallets. With the assistance of our skilled personnel and production facility, 


Greenwatt General Trading LLC has a diverse list of suppliers. Double Wing Stringer Pallets of the highest quality are what we manufacture and export. We develop double wing pallets in a variety of sizes and capacities because we appreciate and understand the needs of our customers. The several designs of Double Wing Stringer Pallets we offer are highly relevant in a variety of industrial sectors.


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We are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of double wing pallets in the UAE. We understand the demand and provide suited for the majority of businesses, making it acceptable in a worldwide market and with foreign clients. Greenwatt General Trading LLC may also supply designs created by you or your other employees or colleagues, since we can generate unique designs. We prioritize your company by knowing and meeting the needs of our fastest expanding customer network.


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